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I’m not planning to write anything in length or in detail. Just wanted to share my high level views and ideas on every day things I come across. I hope these blogs will serve as tips for specific problems and as observations. Thanks for the space, Tumblr!

Andreessen’s predictions for 2012.


“I like to say that the first generation of e-tailers was really good for nerds. Amazon for me is—I love it—it’s like the biggest warehouse superstore of all time. It’s just awesome, and I love wandering up and down the aisles and it’s like, ‘wow, look at that.’ If I do enough searches I can discover anything.

The new generation of e-tailers are much more appealing to normal people—people who like to go the mall, have fun with their friends and try on clothes and compare clothes, and go home and brag to their roommate what they got on sale, and all the rest of it. A lot of new startups are not only very viable but also growing very fast because they provide a very different experience.” 

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