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I’m not planning to write anything in length or in detail. Just wanted to share my high level views and ideas on every day things I come across. I hope these blogs will serve as tips for specific problems and as observations. Thanks for the space, Tumblr!


When I see startups that only offer FB Connect as the singular sign in option, I always get squeamish.

I tell founders they should support FB Connect but they also support Twitter sign-in as well as giving users an option to sign in the good old fashioned way : user id & password.


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    Allowing users to sign in with other accounts removes a conversion barrier, but ONLY if your form doesn’t confuse them....
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    Buzz Anderson, commenting on Bijan Sabet’s post: I wholeheartedly agree with this, but it’s not the thing that bothers...
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    For me it’s as simple as this: when you require a Facebook sign-in, you are essentially compelling me to buy into...
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